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At the Ear training headquarters,music-25705_640 you are trained you play music with your ears, as music is food for ears. Hence ears are to be trained to listen to music better. You need the proper training to be able to read music the same way you need proper training to be able to read music by just hearing it. When someone plays one note you need to be able to tell which note they played or if you hear someone else playing a melody, being able to recognize it is what it takes to become a professional musician. One needs to visit the ear training blog you can do this, if you go to their website www.eartraininghq.com and open their blog. There you can see all these different blog posted about how to play this or that instrument with your ears. It sounds absurd to be able to play something physically with your ears but only musicians who play instruments or people who have a certain interest in the music industry can understand what it means to be able to play something with your ears. Posts like how to play piano by ear in 2 steps or the top three features of the best ear training methods. Basics like what are intervals or how to play chords confidently by ear. There is very informative and gives out all the details you would need. If you don’t sign up for this you can still go through their blog and find out how to do certain things at home without actually having to go through with the ear training lessons. Their whole website is an example of how you can become a better musician. It’s like learning how to play an instrument. You can start with these ear training exercises if you are new at the whole playing. Being able to recognize the notes by just hearing them, or being able to recognize the intervals in it makes you a better musician. If you are planning to get the ear training then you need to go through their blog to first understand how all this works. What this requires. How much time, what different things are out there for you to learn?

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