absolute pitch VS relative pitch

At ear training headquarters along with many other skills you are also taught absolute pitch vs. relative pitch.music-786135_640 Being able to develop relative pitch is at the center of ear training, with relative pitch you will learn how to instantly and easily recognize any note you hear in music. You hear a melody and you automatically know how it is being played, with what notes. The benefit of developing relative pitch is simple and incredible. It will allow you to play music by ear. People think that why do they need relative pitch when they can have an absolute pitch, some people think that absolute pitch is far off better than relative pitch. Even though this might be true in some ways, but it is like comparing oranges to apples. Absolute pitch and relative pitch are completely separate, hearing skills. They both have their own unique powers and abilities. Absolute pitch and relative pitch are complementary. They work their magic when played together in a harmony. A lot of musicians consider the ability to play by ear the holy grail of music. This allows you to play the way you want to in a way that nothing else can. Prefect or absolute pitch, a person having this ability can recognize any note they hear. If you had perfect pitch and I played an E you would be able to tell me that it was an E. It will be as easy as telling someone that the stop signs in front of you is the stop sign. The relative pitch, one won’t be able to tell that the note they heard was an E but if another note was played one can tell the difference between the pitches. The difference in pitch is called an interval; with relative pitch you can identify the intervals between notes rather than the notes themselves. People with good sense of it, each interval to them is like saying that the sky is blue, the grass is green or fire is hot. There is a lot of evidence out there that supports the theory that it is impossible to learn perfect pitch as an adult. The general consensus among musicians and researchers studying perfect pitch is that it can only be learned as a child because it develops while the brain is still developing.

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