Exploring the East End of London

people in the Victorian East End of London

The first things the East End of London is known for are Jack the Ripper and his horrifying crimes that took place in the late 1800’s. Much time has passed since then, but those gruesome events still excite much interest of both local citizens and tourists. Everybody is eager to see the murder sites, watch the pictures, and breathe the air of Victorian London. If you want to look at the East End in a new light, consider taking the Jack the Ripper walking tour.

Buck’s Row, Hanbury Street, Berner Street, Mitre Square, Aldgate, Dorset Street – these are not all the places that remember the scare of Jack the Ripper. There are even people in the Victorian East End of Londonmore sites to visit if you like. However, you should choose a professional guide who will lead you from the very first to the very last murder spot and describe all those far events in details. Original black-and-white pictures showing the murder sites, victims, and evidence left behind by the mysterious killer are usually also available for curious tourists.

How did the East End of Victorian London look like? Pictures show dark and narrow streets, shabby houses, and frightened people. It is no wonder that the East End was always regarded as one of the worst slums in the city. Crime, poverty, and deprivation flourished there. However, isn’t such an appearance deceptive? If you explore the history of Victorian London deeper, you will see that almost all districts of the city were crime-ridden and poor as well. Such an undeserved image results from the notorious mystery of Jack the Ripper, and it was originally supported by rumors and ignorance.

How does the East End of modern London look like? If you take the Jack the Ripper walking tour, you will be able to view this area of the city in details. You will see how the East End district has changed over the last few years. Lots of buildings have been demolished and rebuilt, and some of the streets where the tour takes place are completely unrecognizable. Reminiscent locations are little by little being bought up and reconstructed. In a couple of years, nothing will remind of the Jack the Ripper atmosphere.

Unfortunately, nothing can be preserved forever. The story of Jack the Ripper will be remembered in historical records, pictures, and books, but the East End is likely to forget who this mysterious serial murderer was. If you are eager to experience events of the late 1800’s, do it now. It may happen that you won’t have such a chance soon.


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