Filing for Chapter 7 Emergency Bankruptcy

a gavel and a jar with coins

When filing for bankruptcy, there are many forms that must be provided and filled out correctly. This means that this process involves a lot of paperwork. You will have to spend many days trying to figure out how to complete it. At times, people are faced with emergency situations, such as their home foreclosures and wage garnishments. The good news is that they are allowed to file for emergency bankruptcy to avoid the hassle involved.

You should contact the best emergency bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson if you have the same necessity. For example, if you choose Chapter 7, you will be provided with detailed guidelines and tips. As soon as you file your petition, you will receive the automatic stay. It doesn’t allow creditors and debt collection agencies to garnish your wages, call you, and do other similar things.

The best part is that you have to file only minimum forms required by bankruptcy laws. This is how you protect your valuable assets and get a break. You have enough time to prepare other documents, but make sure that you know what to do.a gavel and a jar with coins

You are required to complete a credit counseling course before filing your bankruptcy petition. Only disabled people don’t have to meet this requirement. You need to show a certificate with a petition. When it comes to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the means test should be passed. It proves that you don’t earn enough money to repay your debts. Find out more about the basic forms that should be filed with your bankruptcy petition.

  • Your voluntary petition. This legal document includes your personal details and information about your debts and creditors.
  • Creditor matrix. It is a detailed list of your creditors and other parties involved in your bankruptcy case. They must be notified about your petition at once. You need to look at local court rules to find out more about this subject.
  • Exhibit D. This form is used to tell a local bankruptcy court that you understand all credit counseling requirements. Don’t forget to attach your certificate or explain why you are allowed not to attend such classes.

In addition, you are provided with two weeks to complete and file other bankruptcy forms. It is advisable to entrust this task to credible lawyers because they know how to do this correctly. If your paperwork has at least one mistake, it results in unwanted delays and other complications, such as dismissing your case.

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