Printers: An Industry by Industry Guide

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Printers are an incredibly helpful piece of technology and many would agree that without them, we would be completely lost. Not only have printers opened doors as to how we organise and operate our day-to-day life, they have also offered us a number of opportunities for innovation and development in the tech and industry world.

With everything from efficient colour laser printers to bold and advanced 3D printing technology, the world of printing offers countless possibilities to transform your company and build an empire within your industry.

Printers also allow businesses to stick to more traditional means of marketing, enabling them to opt for a tailored blend of digital and conventional advertising and marketing solutions.

But which industries are printers most suited to? Well, any industry can and will benefit from this type of technology. There are some that end up reaping the benefits more than others though, depending on the nature of the industry and the individual companies within it.

Even if printing isn’t the backbone of your business, there is no reason to dismiss the technology altogether. It is important to find the right printing solution for you and your role within the industry, whether this means opting for a low-cost alternative or investing in multipurpose, state-of-the-art equipment. Whatever your final choice, before purchasing a printer you should consider a few things.

First of all, you need to think about what you will be using your printer for and how often you will be using it. Purpose and frequency of use will be the factors that help you determine how much you are likely to spend on essentials like paper and ink, as well as your overall budget for the printer itself.

You should also consider how much space you have in your workplace or home office, and how many people are likely to be using this equipment. If you have already purchased your printer, it may be worth setting aside a budget each month to cover the essentials (paper, printer cartridges, etc.) as well as any maintenance and repair costs, just in case it breaks down. This way you will be prepared for the worst and have the spare funds there if and when you need them. Pick some amazing accessories and consumables right here and improve your office today!

Now we’ve taken a look at a few tips for purchasing a printer, let’s review which industries typically benefit most from printers.


Almost everything is taught through digital means today, but this doesn’t mean there is no space left for the printer in schools and colleges. In fact, Education is one of the few industries we believe requires a printer for the benefit of many, both teachers and students. Yes, it is true that teachers can provide and receive homework via the internet, but printers are far more useful when it comes to revision, homework and lesson resources.

Also, whilst computers today are becoming more and more advanced, the risk of blue screening and losing all of your work from the previous term is still present. Let’s face it, nothing beats good old-fashioned paper copies!

Publishinga scene from printing industry

Everyone loves a good book, but with the recent advancement of eBooks and similar technology, the joy of thumbing through a paper-based novel is slowly (and sadly) fading away. However, there are still bookworms out there that will proudly stand by their tattered, tea-stained tales and adventures, and that is good news for printing.

Quite frankly, book publishers wouldn’t be able to operate without printing technology – certainly not to the extent they do today. This means that without printers, all of your favourite novellas and short stories would more than likely cease to exist. Imagine a world where there was no more lounging on the beach with your nose in a book or sitting up in bed getting lost in the magical adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

The publishing industry is a great example of how some sectors rely heavily on printing technology in order to function swiftly and efficiently. So, it seems our love of books is simply a testament to our love of printing.


If you are a little confused as to why we put this industry on our list, keep reading.

Healthcare is a massive industry and – believe it or not – printing technology plays a big role in how the health sector operates. Not only is printing essential for things like leaflets informing individuals about health risks, but it is also crucial for things like prescription labels and referral or discharge letters.

On top of this, printed records are an important backup for digital versions. It is all well and good to have everything digitalised, but what if that information is lost? There would be chaos should a patient’s medical record disappear at a crucial life-or-death moment. This is another reason why keeping comprehensive paper-based copies of everything is so important in the healthcare industry.

These are just three industries in which printers play a big role. Do you have any more printer-reliant industries that you’d like to share with us?

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