3 Amazing Late Night Snacks

a woman searching for a snack

Depending on the kind of lifestyle you lead and how much time you spend at work, you might be prone to late night snacks. Late night snacks are not bad. However, what you can eat and how long you have until you can sleep plays a part in determining whether it’s a harmless snack or a harmful meal. There is a science behind it; just as there is a science behind everything from our high protein products, to balanced meals, to hardcore whey which you can find right here -www.cardiffsportsnutrition.co.uk/p-691-usn-hardcore-whey-gh-2kg.

Snacking late at night means that, at some point, you will be going to sleep as well. If you snack and go straight to bed that is harmful to your health because the food you a woman searching for a snackconsume will not have digested, and it will still be in your system. It is likely to be stored as fat, which can lead to weight gain and other illnesses such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

As long as you are only snacking at night and not consuming a full course meal, you are good to go. Furthermore, as long as you allow at least an hour for the snack to digest before you go to bed, you will be fine.

Today’s post will highlight a few healthy late night snacks. They are great to munch on, and they are not heavy or high in carbs. They provide people with just enough to make it through the day and go to bed.

Dark Chocolate

Some may be surprised to see chocolate mentioned, but chocolate is not a bad late night snack, provided you eat it in moderation. Not all chocolate is created equal. Cacao-rich dark chocolate does not have the high sugar content normally associated with chocolates. Instead, it contains antioxidants that lower blood pressure and keep sugar levels in check. Not to mention that chocolate is a great mood lifter. So you can definitely treat yourself to it before you go to bed.

Frozen Blueberries

Everyone loves blueberries, particularly when it comes to blueberry muffins. Here we offer a different alternative. Frozen blueberries are refreshing and packed with many antioxidants. They are regarded as a health food and are known to improve brain function and heart health. If you are craving sugar, add a couple of tablespoons of cream. This will make the blueberries taste richer in flavour and taste.


Nuts don’t always get the attention they deserve. Almonds in particular are usually overlooked because of their high-calorie content. This is not a weight loss food, but when it comes to keeping cravings in check, almonds get the job done. They will prevent you from ordering takeout or eating junk food. Almonds are great for cholesterol because they keep the heart strong and improve brain function. Best of all, they can be eaten straight from the can. They can be roasted or seasoned with your favourite spice to add more taste, or you can enjoy them in the form of high protein nut butter from nuts n more. Almonds are also a super-fast quick snack.

The one thing you should know about late night snacks is that they should not be high-calorie meals and they should not contain a large number of fats. Keep the snacks between 100 to 300 calories and allow yourself an hour at the very least for it to digest before going to bed. That way you can enjoy everything from a few squares of dark chocolate to a nice portion of high protein nut butter. Find more great posts and products at Cardiff Sports today.

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