How to Install Air Conditioning Thermostats

a hand of a person operating a thermostat

These days, more and more are installing air conditioners in their houses. Make sure that you benefit from the heating and other controls of this popular equipment. This goal is easy to achieve as soon as you install a high quality thermostat.

This unit offers a number of control options over temperature levels. You should shop around to find the most suitable type. Order it only from reputable suppliers and get the best deal. It is advisable to learn how to install smart thermostats to save money on professional services. This task is easy to complete because you don’t need any extraordinary tech skills. It is not harder than replacing a light bulb.

However, there are certain instructions that should be followed to complete this process successfully.a hand of a person operating a thermostat

  • Remove your old thermostat. Your first step is to turn off electricity in the particular area. The same can be said for your heating system. Remove the face plate of this unit and unscrew is from the wall, but you are not allowed to disconnect any wires. Pay attention to the screws of terminals where cooling wires are connected. When it comes to the smart thermostats that connect both air conditioning and heating systems, they have 4 wires. Disconnect them from specific screw terminals and remove their wall plate completely.
  • Install a new one. The next thing you need to do is screwing the wall place of your new thermostat. If screw holes do not match it, take time to drill the new ones. Hook exposed wire ends around the right screw terminals and read manuals to learn how to do that properly. Do not forget to tighten such terminals until all thermostat wires are cinched correctly. Attach your new unit to its wall place, and this process fully depends on its specific model. It can involve either snapping this device into the right place or screwing it into its wall plate. Your last step to complete the process of installing your new air conditioning thermostat is turning on electricity and your heating system.

In addition, there are certain warnings and tips that should not be overlooked when taking care of this kind of DIY project. Do your best not to let wires fall back as soon as you remove your old thermostat. If this task seems a bit complicated and daunting for you, contact local contractors who will do this job at quite affordable rates.

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