Poly vs Steel Water Tanks

big water tanks beside a house

If you need durable and quality tanks to store rainfall, you will be provided with a good selection. The most popular types include poly and steel tanks, and there are many consumers who find it complicated to choose the best one. You should learn more about the main pros and cons of each type.

Basically, poly rainwater tanks are produced from food grade plastic, while the steel ones can be either galvanized or coated with zinc. Both of them are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are suitable to multiple uses. Make sure that you order this storage equipment only from the most reliable suppliers, such as National Poly Industries.

  • Poly water tanks are quite lightweight, unlike steel models, so that you will be able to move them around with ease. That’s why many people prefer plastic equipment. Steel tanks are quite heavy, and you won’t be able to transport them easily.big water tanks beside a house
  • There are different sizes to choose from, but poly tanks still offer better and more choices, capacities and other features, unlike the steel ones.
  • When it comes to their storage capacity, both of options are equal. However, storing rainwater in poly tanks may take more space, so do not overlook this aspect if you have a limited area.
  • Plastic water tanks are UV stabilized, and this means that they won’t corrode and rust. When using the steel ones, even if they are galvanized, you still risk facing unwanted corrosion, and this factor will spoil the quality of your collected rainfall.
  • It is hard to install steel water tanks, unlike poly models. If you want to save money on all kinds of delivery and installation costs, choose the second option, and you will never go wrong.
  • The main drawback of poly tanks is that they can melt because of fires, while their steel counterparts are stronger and will withstand this negative impact.
  • Poly rainwater tanks can be placed on your pavement or sand, and this step is easy to take. Steel models require a solid rock base and must be kept away from moisture.
  • Both of them can be used for a long time (at least up to 15 years).

As soon as you consider all the ins and outs mentioned above, it becomes clear that poly water tanks will be your sound investment. Shop around for affordable rates, high quality, different warranties and reputable suppliers.

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