Three Frighteningly Good Halloween Decorations

a caravan decorated for Halloween

Now we’re in October; the Halloween season is upon us. This means that it’s time to start clearing out all of the summer décor in your caravan holiday home and replace it for something a little more spooky.

Halloween is a wonderful time to invite the neighbours over for festive creations like pumpkin carving, papier-mâché cauldrons and a variety of spook-tastic decorations. It is also a brilliant time to redecorate and trade in your current décor for something a little more seasonal.

If you are planning to go all out this Halloween, read on as we take you through how to make three frighteningly good Halloween decorations. For the UK’s best touring caravan sites, be sure to visit Allen’s Caravans!

Milk Bottle Ghosts

For this DIY project, you will need at least ten artificial candles and five empty plastic milk bottles as well as some spare black bin bags. Firstly, wash out the bottles and create a spooky face out of the black bin bags. This means cutting out eyes, a mouth and a nose. Next, glue your face parts onto the bottle and wait for it to dry before turning on the artificial candles and popping them inside. If the hole in the bottle isn’t big enough for the candles, simply cut a bigger hole in the top so you can slot them in and take them out with ease. For more information on Allen’s be sure to click here now!a caravan decorated for Halloween

Button Nose Pumpkins

If you just don’t have the time to carve pumpkins with all this Halloween preparation, we’ve finally found a use for all those spare buttons. You can easily create a Happy Halloween message or a scary face using spare buttons if you feel that your carving skills aren’t up to scratch.

You can also add a bit of black ribbon and other Halloween-y decorations to spruce up the appearance of your pumpkins. This unique approach will ensure your pumpkins remain in the big league in your community!

Haunted House

Alternatively, if pumpkins just aren’t your thing, you can decorate your home instead, notably the windows. All you need for this DIY project is some cardboard and black paint. Firstly, paint the cardboard black and wait for it to dry before cutting it down to size to fit your window. Then, decide on a design and cut out your parts.

You should be left with a couple of parts that make up a spooky image. Once you’ve finished these steps, slot your design into the window grooves. Then, turn on the lights, head outside and see your spook-tastic haunted house display! You can use any design you like, from ghosts and ghouls to creepy Jack-O-Lantern faces.

These are just three frighteningly good DIY Halloween decorations that you can try. Do you have anymore you would like to share or any pictures of your Halloween experience on one of our parks?

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