6 Different Dentistry Sedation Procedures

a dentist and sedated patient

Many people are afraid of going to a dental clinic because they think that such visits are quite painful. The great news is that advanced sedation industry will help you get rid of fears. Learn more about available options and their basic features.

Basically, dentists always start with evaluating the level of anxiety of their patients before advising any sedation. They can determine the most suitable treatment plan only after considering the main goas and requirements of their clients.

There are different types of dental sedation, but make sure that they all are provided by the best dentist Greenwood. Make this choice based on your anxiety level and consult with an experienced dental professional to avoid any mistake.

  • Oral sedation is all about administering the specific medications that may come as tablets and pills. They out patients to drowsiness, but people are not asleep. It is necessary to take them at least one hour before dental procedures. You will stay alert, awake and relaxed during your oral treatment.a dentist and sedated patient
  • Nitrous oxide is often called the laughing gas. It has a bit sweet taste and must be administered via a special inhaler. You need to wear it and breathe in this kind of gas to calm down. This option is chosen by those patients who require only short dental procedures and have a low level of anxiety.
  • General anesthesia puts people to a complete sleeping state. This sedation procedure should be prescribed only to someone to have a high level of fears and anxiety. Do not forget that dentists always need to control it. The best part is that you won’t feel anything at all.
  • Local anesthesia is used for a number of dental procedures, like placing implants or root canals.
  • Intravenous or IV sedation is similar to general anesthesia. This is when specific medications are used intravenously to make people feel relaxed. They must be connected to heart rate, blood pressure and other health monitors to control vital signs. You won’t remember anything about dental procedures at all. This is what will help you eliminate anxiety completely.
  • Intramuscular sedation is all about uses safe sedative drugs. They must be injected by dentist to the muscles of your upper arm. This alternative is perfect for those patients who have moderate anxiety levels.

If you postpone your dental visits only because of fears, think about using one of the above-mentioned sedation methods and you will forget about them.

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