Pretzel Rolls – Cooking Delicious Treats at Home

nice pretzel rolls

If you need something that will amazed your guests, pay attention to soft pretzel rolls.The homemade ones laced with a special seasoning will provide you with a new favorite treat, so learn how to cook these popular snacks at home.

nice pretzel rollsTake warm water, honey, salt, dry yeast, flour, dressing mix, oil, baking soda, sugar and other ingredients, such as cheese and ham, which you are planning to add.

  1. Combine warm water, dry yeast and sugar in a large bowl. You can use a stand mixer. If you don’t have this device, everything can be done using your hands. As soon as these basic ingredients are well mixed, allow this substance to sit for several minutes until it starts foaming.
  2. Add the flour (choose the wheat one if you lead a healthy lifestyle), oil and any selected ranch seasoning and mix everything until they are well combined.
  3. Start kneading your dough because it must be smooth and pull away from bowl sides with ease.
  4. Put this dough in an oiled bowl and cover it. This bowl should be placed in a warm temperature because this mixture requires one hour to double its size.
  5. Prepare a pot with warm water to and add baking soda to boil your pretzel rolls.
  6. Your oven must be preheated at least to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Put a large baking sheet and treat it with any suitable oil. Some people prefer to use a silicone baking mat instead.
  7. Cut the dough into small and equal pieces. It is only up to you to decide on your size.
  8. Roll each dough piece into a rope that should be around 20cm. Try to create a standard pretzel shape, and it must look like a “U”. Do not forget to fold both ends over each other to touch its bottom.Pinch both ends together because they need to seal.
  9. Each pretzel roll should be boiled in a special baking soda-water mixture, and it will take one minute or less. Remove your treats from a boiling pot and place them on a greasy baking sheet.
  10. Sprinkle them with salt and start baking your rolls for twenty minutes. If they are large in their size, it may take half an hour to bake them till a brown color.
  11. They should be removed from an oven to cool down. Wait for five minutes to start serving these delicious snacks for your guests or family.

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