Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas, Let Your Home Be Light

a bundle of Christmas lights on a string

In the words of the great Noddy Holder, it’s Christmaaaas! Well it’s nearly Christmas and that means, if you haven’t already, you need to crack out the decorations, smooch under the mistletoe and string up the lights. Here at electrical Birmingham Christmas lights are a big deal. Whilst Christmas Past would have welcomed the soft glow of paraffin lanterns and windowsills lined with candles, Christmas Present has come a long way in the lighting stakes. Having taken a few notes from Christmas Future, contemporary Christmas lighting has replaced the humble enchantment of a flickering flame with bright twinkling lights and a magical luminescent haze achieved with a mere flick of a switch. LED lights are a particularly popular choice of festive fluorescence and they are everywhere. Being energy efficient, stunningly bright and incredibly versatile LED lights have revolutionised the festive season. We can see them illuminating city streets, happy homes, bathroom lighting zones, and just about anywhere else people can fit them. It seems the season of good will has most definitely become the season of bright lights and LED wonderlands. In light of this new phenomenon, it is best to embrace all things LED and treat your home and family to a Christmas that is truly merry and bright.

Let’s see how it can be done:

LED STRIP LIGHTINGa bundle of Christmas lights on a string

LED strip lights have become an increasingly popular alternative for stage lighting over the last few years. They consume less power but produce similar light to more traditional lighting methods and because they come in different colours and intensities they do not require gels or different coloured replacement bulbs. Whilst LED strip lights are most commonly used for things like concerts and festivals they can also be used in domestic or business settings. If you fancy giving LED strip lights a go this Christmas, try out these ideas:

Shine Onstage 

Nativity plays, carol concerts and pantomimes will all have one thing in common this Christmas and that is their need for lighting. Whether you need to see the little town of Bethlehem or who is “behind you!” then try using LED instead of incandescent lights. You will have more freedom with lighting designs as well as a more energy and cost efficient way of creating onstage ambience.

Guide Santa’s Sleigh

Bedecking your house with outdoor lights is an increasingly popular Christmas tradition. There’s all manner of illuminated garden decorations and icicle lights available in a multitude of colours and “themes” but one area that is difficult to cover in nets of bulbs and wire is the roof. To make life easy for yourself without skimping on the Christmas cheer, try LED strip lighting on your rooftop so you can give your neighbours a reason to smile and Santa a safe place to land


“Fairy lights” are the epitome of Christmas, with their roots in the 18th century German tradition of Christmas lights. Originally Christmas lights were not lights but candles that decorated Christmas trees in upper-class homes. With the advent of electricity the tradition changed to the safer alternative of tiny bulbs on strings, or “fairy lights”. Throughout the 20th century fairy lights became more and more popular used on everything from humble domestic Christmas trees to grand public spectacles like the Christmas tree is New York’s Rockerfeller Center. LED bulbs are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fairy light bulbs; emitting less heat, consuming less energy and having a longer life span they are safer, cheaper and good value. If you want to have a clear conscience and a twinkly Christmas then check out how you can make the most of LED fairy lights this festive season.

Have Twinkly Trees

There is nothing more magical than a tree glistening with tinsel and glowing with fairy lights on a cold December eve. Whatever your Christmas “theme” may be – red and gold, blue and silver, pink and purple – you can get LED fairy lights to fit the bill. If you want to stick to the traditional warm glow then perhaps opt for white light LEDs. Alternatively if you want to be a little less conventional you can give coloured options a go. LED lights come in a hundred and one colours so you shouldn’t be stuck for choice, whether you stick with one main colour or decide on a multi-coloured set.

Create Glowing Glass                                                                                                                

Windows are a forgotten feature once the cold winter nights draw in. We close the curtains at the earliest opportunity to block out the world and its dismal grey background but forget about the potential these portals hold. You can transform how your house looks and feels (both inside and out) with a few strategically placed nets and strings of LED fairy lights. Pop some fairy lights in the windows or wrap some strings of them around banisters and mantle pieces to give your house a warm festive glow. If you are planning on doing some seasonal entertaining and need to create ambience pop a string of fairy lights in a coloured or clear glass vase or a storm candle holder. The best part about these simple but effective holiday tricks is that LED lights emit less heat and energy so you can do more with them, safely.


Although lights are an obvious choice of LED usage there are other less obvious uses for LED that are equally important to your Christmas experience as twinkling lights and pantomimes. For example:

Remember to Rise and Shine                                                                                                                     

The first thing that used to come to mind when you thought about Christmas morning was opening presents and seeing if Santa had been. The first thing you probably think about now is the inevitable 5am wake-up call you have to look forward to. The last thing you’re likely to think about is what is behind the soul-destroying red lights blinking “5-0-0” at you. These, of course, are LED lights and without them you would never be awake in time to get the turkey in, the tree lights on and the family up for a busy Christmas day.

Enjoy Some Festive Films                                                                                                                                  

Another Christmas tradition loved and practiced by all is the post-feast slump in front of a festive film (or three…). In recent years this low-impact family activity has not only been made possible but made better by LED technology. LED provides us with bright, clear television screens on which we can watch high definition White Christmas and Elf at the end of a crazy Christmas day.

Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it; how to have a clear-conscious Christmas with LED lights that give off that magical festive glow in an energy efficient way – the makings of a very merry Christmas indeed. For more lighting information or inspiration on how to illuminate your home in grand fashion, view more industry tips and tricks right here!

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