The Key Basics of Drug DUI Cases

a handful of pills scattered over handcuffs

Driving a vehicle is a dangerous activity even if you are sober and attentive. Any small mistake may lead to serious injuries, property damages, and even other people’s death. Everything becomes more complicated when you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. That’s why DUI laws are strict and include a number of harsh penalties for offenders.

DUI charges differ and they include both the cases of drivers who are impaired by alcohol and drugs. Consult with a local attorney to stay updated with the latest changes and differences. Do your best to hire the most reputable drug dui lawyer to ensure that your interests are protected.a handful of pills scattered over handcuffs

1. Drugs can be illicit, over-the-counter and prescription. Do not forget that DUI may occur regardless of whether you are intoxicated by legal or illegal drugs. It is all about those substances that may affect your ability to drive and nervous reactions. If you combine usual drugs with alcohol, they may result in your impairment.

As soon as you are stopped by police officers, they will ask you to pass specific tests to determine whether you have any drugs in your system. If they find illegal substances, you will be charged on committing a crime automatically. However, the same consequence will be faced, even if you are on standard prescription drugs because some of them also lead to your impairment.

2. Dealing with a felony DUI. These crimes are usually charges as misdemeanors, but felonies are possible if there are specific factors present. Felonies are more serious and they involve jail sentences. If you suspect that you have to deal with a felony, call your legal representative right away. Pay attention to certain circumstances:

  • Driving with a kid in your car.
  • Being involved into a road accident that results in injuries and damages.
  • Facing multiple DUI offenses.
  • Driving with a suspended license.

3. Find out more about possible penalties for drug DUI. They become more serious when dealing with a felony and include substantial fines, your driving license suspension, and so on.

  • Your incarceration. This means that you will be placed in a state prison for a long time (up to five years).
  • Fines. You may have to pay up to $10,000 or even more for driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Your probation. Your personal freedom will be restricted, but you will be allowed to serve your punishment away from a jail.
  • Your driving license suspension. It won’t be possible to drive a car for several years or permanently.

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