Handmade Cards as an Elegant Gift Idea

elegant handmade card

Each time holidays get near, people start searching for the best gifts they can find, the best gifts for their loved ones. As a rule, gifts are accompanied with greeting cards. an elegant handmade cardHowever, those cards that are printed in big amounts are often unable to convey all the depth of your feelings. It is necessary to find something very special, a thing that is unique and very attractive for the dearest people in your life.

Scrapbooking Then and Now

The best option are personalized luxury cards that are hand-made and come in a single copy. They are usually created by people who have a talent to scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a sort of handcraft or a free-time activity that means creation and decoration of photo albums. There is nothing new in this hobby but the growth it has experienced recently is a real boom. Everything began several centuries ago when romantic girls used to create albums with verses and aphorisms. As soon as there were only few other free-time activities at that time, it was possible to decorate these albums with complicated patterns, ornaments, dried flowers, ribbons and even locks of hair their beloved ones gave them.

Ideas for Handmade Cards

Now scrapbooking looks somewhat different, especially its part that is devoted to greeting cards. Of course, cards are not decorated with hair locks; there are more common elements that are quite popular in creation of greeting cards. There are several main styles of greeting cards that are mostly chosen for practically all important occasions.

  • Vintage is a pseudo-ancient style. It involves techniques of artificial ageing and different old elements like post stamps, old tickets, postcards, old pictures.
  • Clean-and-simple greeting cards are decorated with minimum of simple details and geometric ornaments and patterns.
  • Classic “American” style involves numerous different decorations but it is very important that their amount does not turn a postcard into a tasteless thing.

Handmade greeting cards are available in shops but if you want something very unique, you should give your attention to specialists who create personalized cards in a single copy, in accordance to your desire. If you think that you will be able to create a lovely item on your own, you have a great chance to show all your skills and creativity and make a card that will be really special.

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