Things to Do in the Poconos Mountains

lake near big mountains

Living in one of the small communities located in the Poconos Mountains means being close to nature at all times. However, even though you might feel like you are living just a step from the wild, you will be able to enjoy all the small blessings of civilization and technology.

a lake near big mountainsThis area is one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States. Thus, it has a well-developed infrastructure and local recreational facilities offer plenty of entertainment for everyone. This is why the services of the Hawley PA real estate agents are always in high demand. Hundreds of people want to buy property in this area to either live in or use it like a vacation home. If you choose the second option, you will also be able to rent out the property and make some money.

Some of the activities you can enjoy in the Poconos Mountains are:

  • Hiking.
    Spring, fall, summer, and even winter, every season is a great time for hiking in the Poconos. Though, if you prefer exploring the mountains in the winter, you should opt for skiing as it will be rather difficult to go somewhere on foot because of snow. The scenery in this region is truly magnificent, and you will be able to discover many of its treasures while exploring the mountains. There are many well-prepared hiking trails of varied complexity. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the activity regardless of your experience.
  • Fishing.
    If there is water, there are fish, and you will have plenty of opportunities to catch some. Don’t forget to buy a fishing license before you set out on your journey to catch the most delicious fish for dinner.
  • Hunting.
    This isn’t merely an activity; it’s an art that only a few can master. Hunting season draws many tourists to the Poconos, but there is plenty of space and enough wild animals to make sure that not a single hunter leaves unsatisfied. You will have to purchase a license to be allowed to hunt in this region legally.
  • Dealing with antiques.
    Whether you are a collector or if your passion is finding some rare antique items and selling them, you will feel at home in the communities of the Poconos Mountains. There are many antique shops here and enough people whose hobby is antiques. This means that you will easily find someone to talk about your collection with.

There are also plenty of clubs and restaurants in these communities. Thus, you will be able to enjoy some less healthy, but none the less pleasant types of entertainment.

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