The Importance of Proper Bathroom Lighting

big and white bathroom

In a modern apartment a bathroom performs numerous tasks. We do many hygienic procedures there and relax in a soft aromatic foam. Lighting of such a room should match its main functional meaning, design and tastes of owners. a big and white bathroomWhat’s more, it should be comfortable and safe. Before you start choosing lighting options for your bathroom, you need to remember that it’s very specific. Electrical appliances that are used in bathrooms should be earthed and protected from water.

Durable Lighting Devices

Constant dampness of air, vapors of numerous detergents and washing agents, high temperatures – all these factors determine main criteria of lighting options for bathrooms: waterproofness (marked at the package and in user’s guide), durability to temperatures changes and corrosion of metallic parts.

Spotlights or Inbuilt Lamps

Designers recommend giving attention to halogen lamps: apart from the mentioned qualities, these lamps are perfect in saving electricity. Inbuilt lamps are great for false ceilings but they have a drawback: the light they give cannot be redirected. Spotlights are better from this point of view: they can be turned, so their light falls over a zone where it is needed. Installation of any lighting devices in bathrooms is a very delicate matter that needs a lot of carefulness and skills. If you feel that this task is very complicated, you should better hire electricians from a company like Bob Waibel & Son Electric Co. or another one you prefer.

Lighting of the Entire Room and Zonal Light

Choosing the main lamp, you need to remember that the more complicated the entire design is, the plainer shapes and forms of lamps should be. Instead, a minimalistic bathroom can be decorated with an interesting and unusual lamp. If your bathroom is small, one ceiling lamp will be enough for general lighting. If it is quite spacious, you can create separate zones with several lamps. Additional lighting, however, is required even in case the bathroom is small; it is very important over your washbowl, beside a mirror, and inside a shower cabin. It is possible to install several spotlights around the mirror: shaving tasks are performed better with a top source of light while makeup looks more natural with light that is located at sides of the mirror. Colored lampshades are absolutely out of place here: the best lampshade for mirror lighting is made of white mat glass and does not reflect in the mirror. At the same time, colored lampshades look very nice if they are worn over ceiling lamps, especially if the entire interior is finished in the same pastel or white shade.

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