Stages of Dental Diseases and Their Complications

Different Dental Diseases before and after

It is very interesting that people who have no problems with their teeth visit dental clinics more often and regularly. Many people decide to turn to a dentist only in case tooth pains become practically unbearable and they have no strength to bear them any longer.

Main Causes of Caries

Unfortunately, caries is the problem that can be found in practically each second person’s mouth. Caries destruction starts because mineral elements that make the enamel of teeth are dissolved. There appear cavities that host bacteria. These bacteria give off organic acids; acid medium is a perfect environment for their further growth and propagation. Apart from bad hygiene, caries can be triggered by other factors, such as lack of calcium and fluoride, changes in the normal contents of saliva, genetic factors, too much sugar.

Types of Caries

different dental diseases before and afterThere are four main forms of caries; they are divided in such a way in accordance to the amount of tissues affected by bacteria. Each of such forms needs urgent treatment in a high-quality dental facility like Maxwell Miller’s Downtown Dentistry or any other reliable one you know in your area. everything starts with caries stain (1); then it develops on, ruining the enamel, creating surficial caries (2); the ruination grows, creating a medium caries cavity on the surface (3); and finally everything ends up with deep caries (4) that affects the pulp, nerves and period ontium, causing much pain and finally a visit to a dentist. Once a tooth starts to react to high or low temperatures, it means that caries has reached the pulp and it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible while the infection has not yet spread over to root canals.

How to Treat Deeply Affected Teeth

Pulpitis should be treated with all care: removal or nerves and pulp means that root canals will be open now. They should be sanitized thoroughly, too, and then filled with airtight materials that create no cavities. The smallest cavity in root canals will be enough for development of periodontitis. In this case, it will be necessary to open the tooth again, clear everything once more and refill it after all traces of infection are gone. Besides that, it is a very painful disease that can have serious complications.

How can all this be averted? The answer is simple: it is better (and cheaper) to maintain health of teeth with the help of good hygiene and seeing a dentist regularly even if there is no toothache.

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