Divorce Situations That Demand the Assistance of a Lawyer

Not all people are financially able to hire a lawyer who can help them in all situations. Still, there are cases that just cannot pass painlessly without a lawyer’s help. One such situation is a divorce. Quite often, people try to save money and avoid turning to a lawyer until it is too late. Some processes that are solved in court demand a lawyer’s intrusion before they are brought to court.

Peaceful Divorces

a gavel and pen on a documentNot all divorces end up in a scandal and fight. There are couples that manage to separate in a peaceful way without battles; these couples do not even need the help of a lawyer. However, a calm separation is possible mostly in case:

  1. Both spouses have been working and earning practically equal amounts while living together.
  2. They have had no children together and earned no mutual possessions.
  3. They have had children together, but there are no quarrels over the custody and both parents agree to share the responsibility.
  4. The couple has already decided how they want to divide their possessions and solve the matter of alimony.

The mentioned circumstances can make life easier for both the spouses and their children, but practice shows that many couples cannot reach any consensus when separating. They need to hire lawyers in order to part and keep all the privileges they want to keep.

Complicated or Conflict Situations

There are a range of situations when the help of a good divorce attorney Fremont, Stockton, or Lancaster is just vital:

  1. One of the ex-spouses is convicted of a felony.
  2. There were episodes of cruelty and violence in the family in previous conflicts and everyday life.
  3. One spouse showed episodes of irresponsible behavior (drug or alcohol addiction, gambling, etc.) in the past.
  4. The possessions are under arrest in accordance with a court verdict.
  5. One spouse conceals property that was earned within the marriage life.
  6. There are unpaid debts that belong to both ex-spouses.
  7. One spouse has moved to another city.
  8. One spouse’s parental rights have been terminated or one spouse’s rights for communication with the children were restricted.
  9. One spouse refuses to pay legitimate alimony.
  10. The process of divorce has already started without a lawyer, but a judge demands a lawyer’s presence.

It is an illusion that a complicated divorce process can end successfully without a lawyer, especially if the matter of children’s custody is very painful for both parents and they are ready to fight for the kids.

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